Best Kept Secrets – deadline Jan 15th 2018

Happy New Year to everyone! We’re delighted that so many of you have expressed an interest to join us in Bolzano at the end of April for what promises to be a very inspirational “Teaching Documentary II” Symposium. We’re busy working on the Programme, many thanks for your suggestions to which we’ve given serious attention as we are keen to integrate at least some of your proposals.
We’re also very pleased at the number of excellent “Best Kept Secrets” proposals that have already been submitted which are at least up to the level of the Cardiff conference back in 2014, where these sessions were one of the real highlights at the end of each day. However we also know that several of you have pledged to submit proposals by the deadline, but we have yet to receive these – hence the reminder in bold type!
For your own sake, please don’t leave these till the last minute! Also please note that as we want to include as many as possible, each presentation is limited to 15 minutes which we know is short…
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