“Teaching documentary” — where do we go from here? A page for articles and websites of relevance to the symposium, including some background on the GEECT VISIONS Project.

A Text on Documentary — December 2013 article by Rolf Orthel, Chair, GEECT VISIONS Project 1993-2001 & CILECT documentary project 1998-2000 (PDF download)

Panning the Horizon: The Evolution of GEECT’s VISIONS Project — July 2001 article by Chap Freeman in CILECT News No 34 (PDF download)

Confronting Reality: A ProvocationColin Young‘s article in CILECT Review Vol 2 No. 1 (November 1986) (PDF download)

European Film Schools – Lessons from the Past – some thoughts about where we have come from and where we might be heading – from the August 2014 publication of Duncan Petrie and Rod Stoneman’s new book Educating Filmmakers

From live output to living output – changes at the BBC (September 2012) Mandy Rose (at her excellent collabdocs blog) comments on changes at the BBC concerning digital content – could it it become, as some commentators are wondering, the NFB of Europe?

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