“Guide for Documentary Film-makers” now online

It’s now some 16 months since we spent those intensive few days in Cardiff, and I am delighted to report that the “Guide for Documentary Film-makers” project that Prof. Grażyna Kędzielawska and her team presented in Cardiff is not only complete but is in fact available online, in English, with hyperlinks to various video exercises.


Based on her many years teaching documentary filmmaking to generations of film students, Grazyna has compiled a veritable Bible of Best Kept Secrets which all of us can learn from, borrow and adapt for our own classrooms. It’s free to access online, but  if you wish you can also order a print edition directly from Lodz by emailing the school directly

It’s a great pleasure to be able bring this work to your attention and I exhort you to pass the link on to all your colleagues working in this field.


Prof. Grażyna Kędzielawska, Polish Film School, Lodz

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