Symposium rescheduled till Autumn 2014

Most of you who signed up for the symposium will already know the latest developments as we have contacted you by email, but the news is that circumstances beyond our control have meant that we have had to postpone the April dates to the Autumn.  We are now working behind the scenes with the GEECT Executive to agree on a new date.

The good news is not only that the funding is still in place, but that we have more time to finalise the fine detail of the programme (which will still broadly be based around the themes posted earlier).

We’re also very pleased that, despite the change of date, virtually all CILECT colleagues on our mailing list have responded to say that they wish to attend the symposium – so there is no doubt that the interest and enthusiasm is still there.

Per ardua ad astra

John Burgan

Newport Film School, University of South Wales

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